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Posted by Bobh on July 31, 2002 at 11:32:53:

Hope this is an edit of first message rather than a second post.!

I am working on getting my new pro explorer set up and would like to find out what type of paddle clips are best as well as source for drift chutes. Paddle clips, drift chute, compass, and fish finder top my list of boat projects.

Have seen one chute advertised but dont know if there are cheap ones available that work well.

So far I have seen two types of clips: one is a rubber set that you push the paddle into and the second is a bungee like clip that slips over the paddle. Definitely dont like balancing the paddle in my lap as I rig the rods.

I like the boat a lot! Its stable and dry (in honest two to three footers) but havent paddled with anyone else to see how fast it is (compared to my second choice - scupper pro) or had a chance to try it in the surf zone. Will take some pictures when I get back from trip next week and have a chance to get the boat settled a little.

On my first outing I did find the wind and current moved me south fast enough that I needed to paddle against the drift to reach bottom with the jigs. Thats the reason a chute is at the top of list. Also found I was carrying way too much stuff as I we trying to carry two large plano boxes. Plenty of room to store them, but no place to use them from underway. Will be cutting back on gear and box size on next trip. Guess I am used to fishing from powerboats where carrying everything possibly needed is the norm.

Bought an off white boat and have found a 6 volt lantern inside the hull DOES light the boat up like a neon sign. Have no idea what this would be like to paddle at night, but have no worries about being seen!

Did buy a hand pump as I had the center hatch opened a lot. Will swamp the boat (in a protected location) and then see how to get it dry at some point.Works great to pump the pater out after cleaning though.

Added two flush rod holders between my legs which will work out great! If they eventually dont work out will add teak board over them for easy mount point and/or cutting board.

Wondering if anyone might have any additional ideas or pictures of exactly where to place the clips so they are accessible and yet dont interfere with paddling. So far have found there is one set of eyelets I am going to move as my hand hits them while paddling and dont want to drill and fill more holes.


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