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Posted by Piranha on June 03, 2004 at 18:39:28:

In Reply to: Re: how big are you? posted by Joe on June 02, 2004 at 23:58:56:

: Cliff,
: I'm about 5"11 weight 190lbs, so I might be ok to fit the pro 2 on a weight to size consideration. The speed plus stamina can be an issue worth considering for longer paddles offshore. I usually like to fish in excessive more than 6 hours so chances are I might need to preserve the energy for otherwise wouldn't be a big issue on a bigger boat. Thanks for the reminders! Like I said I've only paddled within the harbor on a yak but even for in-experienced paddler like my self I will be expecting some-what a different experience when venturing outside the harbor one day on conditions such as wind, distance and the water condition. Yeah I've never gone out before as I said I'm a brand new newbie to this culture of fishing! But from watching Rihno's video tape on Threshers yak style(JJ are you in the tape too? jk, thanks for the input!) and few other videos they look safe and exciting enough to lure me into this style of fishing.(don't know about hunting for Thresashers at this stage, thought it's kinda hardcore for a newbie)
: Vic, I think you're right, I don't have a kid now so chances of me bringing my girlfriend often is slim.
: Mr. Mugu thanks for your advice, renting a yak cost around $50 each time, might as well buy a spare used yak at home incase the main one has to go in for service, jk.
: Pirahna Thanks for your pictures, your yak looks awesome! just curious to how well the seat feel when strapped on top of the hatch instead of the groove, or the seat well? I got two friends involved in buying a kayak each for fishing, we use to rent skiffs a lot from Davey's locker, one of my friend is getting a used pro 2 tandem so that's why I'm still asking the question.
: You guys are great! hope to see you guys soon, still waiting for my Eagle fish easy finder from Malibu kayak, I think that stuff is on back order!

: best, Joe

Joe,Sitting on the hatch end isn't as comfy as the rounded place,but if you're in the Pro2Tandem,that's where your center of gravity (solo) trims the keel of the yak correctly with respect to optimizing the hull on the water. I saw a guy out on the sea at Dana in a tandem,with a bait tank and he was seated in the rear seat spot,with the bait tank behind him! The bow of his yak was completely up in the air,it looked like a wweathervane. I bit my tongue and kept my big mouth shut,but felt sorry he hadn't been clued in! If you decide on a single,the 2 most popular fishing singles on the scxene right now are the Cobra Fish n Dive(my yak) ,and the extreme from malibuocean sports. Both yaks have their pluses and minuses. You need to test drive them and decide!

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