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Posted by jas on June 27, 2002 at 22:53:44:

I will write more about it. But I just got home an hour or so ago. Weather was pretty good just about the whole time. Though, just like Brendan and Kracky told me, there are some fat rollers on the outside. I've been in 6-8ft rollers before so it didn't freik me out since there was such a long interval between waves. Though I did meet another yak angler on the shore that wouldn't take his yak out in them.
I launched early Tuesday to a mild wind.....and like I said, nice rollers outside. Sat at the first kelp bed I made a stop at, about 25ft deep. Only caught one rockfish in an hour of fishing squid strips on one rod and a plastic on another. I tied up to the outside of that same kelp bed tossing my 6"Brown/Speckled Fishtrap along and on the outside. Finally, I set the hook on what feels like a nice size fish. I pull it up and it's a 22 1/2" SUPER FAT Red. Had to be a 10lbr. We was as long as my BBQ grill (we soon found out for lunch). Cooked that bad boy whole on a bed of mesquite 2 hours later at the camp site.
I made a move to a deeper kelp bed looking for some lings. Found a nice bed in about 50-52ft. BTW, seems like those paddles from bed to bed are longer than you would think. Maybe that's because it's a new fishing ground for me and I was a little nervous being the only yaker out there. Them water have some big fish in them (so do ours, but you know what I mean; GW). I did the same thing, tied up the the outside and starting tossing that 6" Fishtrap. Didn't do anything fancy at all. Just dropped it on the bottom and started to get tapped after I picked it up off the bottom. Again, felt like a nice fish was on the end. Reeled him up to the top, once again using my California Calico Bass Rod/Abu 5600 w/ 15lb line. Got him up through the top of the kelp. I couldn't make him out yet, looked like a miniature Locknest Monster the way he was peeling along top of the kelp.  He looked 3ft. As soon as I recognized him, he saw me and I think he finally realized that he was really hooked. The FATTEST LINGasaurus I've ever hooked on to. That bad boy went up and down 3 more times peeling line w/ a fairly tight drag set on the Abu. Got him to the top, again through the kelp, lined up the gaff and nailed him right through the side of his head. Lifted him out of the water and held on tight as he thrashed. Tough, tough fish. Measured him later just under 33".  I'd guess in between 25-28lbs, not sure though really on the weight.
I decided that I had more than enough fish for the day. I was traveling w/ my family so I did need to feed 4 of us.
After 2 hours of fishing, I came back w/ a HUGE Red and a HUGE Ling. I was so happy happy happy!!! This was my first time fishing for lings on the plastic. What a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I fished for another session but the next day had 2ft water visability. Though I did manage to catch and release about 15 rockfish in 3 hours. I caught one nice Cabezon in the mix too. The rollers were gone the 2nd day and the sun was out in force so I couldn't complain. Made the Hearst Castle tour that much nicer later in the day.
Met some cool locals and a kayak fisherman from Decker Cyn that's been fishing from a kayak for almost 30 years. What a cool cat this guy was. No lings, but a HUGE cabezon.
Pictures coming soon. Most likely 2 new journals, one more submitted by the experienced John "Eagle Eye" Pawlak, and one from myself.

Thank you so much for the time you guys took to put me on the grounds.


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