Colonet Dos part II

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The next morning we get out a little later (demasiado Tecates) and launch by 7AM.  Intent on making it to the point (on the map it is about 4 ½ miles from our launch spot) we paddle about two miles out before putting our lines in the water and begin trolling various lures.  As we get closer to the point I turned to Smoker Mike and tell him that we are only about 300 yards from where Holy Mackerel hooked up yesterday when…ZZZZZZ!!!  His clicker goes off.  He sets his hook and is off on a sleigh ride.  The fish is ripping out his 30# test.  He fights it up to the boat after about 20 minutes.  He was not able to get to his gaff so I came in to offer a gaff assist and he has about 30-pound yellowtail on.  I have my gaff in my lap as make my approach and when I am only a few feet away it spits the hook.  So close…

We continue our paddle to the point and about 20 minutes later Smoker Mike is on again.  After a 15-minute fight, Smoker Mike lands his first yellowtail and it weighs in at 18 pound 5 oz.  We began to paddle back in and a switched to a crocodile (Smoker Mike’s magic lure) in hopes that my luck will change.

After about thirty minutes as we paddled back in my clicker began to go off.  I set the hook and fish on!  My yak gets turned around and the fish is just ripping out line from my reel.  The only other time I saw my drag fly out that fast was when I landed my first Yellowtail about a month before.  I let it run for a bit and try to fight it in a bit, but the line is being ripped out so fast.

I decided to try to tighten down the drag a bit, but a let a little slack in the line and then nothing the fish spit it out.  @$@$#%!  Oh well, A lesson learned.  I just take a deep breath and enjoy the natural scenery around me as I see several dolphins swimming about 50 yards away from me.  Baja is beautiful.  I continue trolling the crocodile and begin catching 10-12” greenbacks and croakers every few seconds, but after a while I just decided to pull my line in and paddle in to shore from a mile out.  I caught a little wave in and packed everything in the trucks. 

We stopped at the mercado for hielo y cervezas and the same little kids from yesterday run out to us and look in the back of the truck asking us, ”¿Pescado grande? ¿Pescado grande?”  We show them Smoker Mike’s Yellowtail and get everything we need before heading back to the house. 

We have had several more friends show during the day and we begin preparing for the evening’s festivities.  All in all we have 35-40 people that came down and we begin to prepare the traditional fish taco dinner.  Fish Tacos for forty is no easy task.  We fry up a lot of the White Sea bass and make sashimi with a lot of the yellowtail.  We all took time to watch an amazing sunset with full stomachs as the night and the fiesta began.

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