Malibu Paddle Fish Adventure Report

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Posted by jas on August 15, 2004 at 22:39:09:

Location: Malibu Area

About a dozen of us turned out for the Malibu PFA. It was great getting on the water with the PFA diehards and regulars as well as those who turned out for their first one.

We had nice weather in the morning.

Clear skies, no wind, warm air and water.

Some of us armed ourselves with exotic angling weapons such as the Simpsons memorabilia lure collection. Marge, Homer, Duff Beer, etc. I can't wait to toss Marge into a school of barracuda. lol.

PAL, Yakslam and myself stayed towards the rear stopping and fishing some of the good halibut zones. The rest of the group moved ahead getting into a pretty good calico bite. Seems like most if the entire group each caught several. Mark and Karen from Hook1 had about a dozen caught and released between the both of them. I'm sure defjack nailed several as well as the rest of the group.

The 3 of us began soaking live bait on the bottom. There was no shortage of guitarfish being caught. Shortly there after, Yakslam went bendo and pulled up a nice flattie weighing approx. 18 lbs.

Just after that I pulled a flattie to the boat. I unfortunately lost it at the boat but pulled up another one 5 minutes later.

Not a fatty like Kevins (mine was 27") but I felt a little redeemed after losing the first one. After the flatties were boarded, we got into what was to be that last calico bite of the day for the 3 of us.

Unfortunately, somewhere towards the end of the 1st leg, the wind begun to really pick up. By the time the group was rounding Point Dume, I'd guestimate the wind at over 20 mph.

Since the wind was at our backs it wasn't really an issue of safety though we did try to tighten the area and spread of the group, putting most of us within shouting distance. The water did get chopped up pretty good but there was one advantage to the wind. ...a free ride back to our landing zone. This did create a problem for fishing though.

We paddled on heading deeper into Paradise Cove hoping to find some protection behind the point as we entered this 3rd and final leg of the paddle. The wind was a little easier on us here but it was just about getting time to head on in.

Mark has the exact distance based upon his GPS but I believe the paddle was just over 13 miles. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves even despite the challenging conditions towards the end. As I said in the previous announcement, we hope to have good weather but you never know. The forecast called for 10 mph winds in the afternoon and it ended building to over 20 mph. The group were experienced and prepared so the wind was more an irritation rather than a hazard.
For those of you who were considering this one but couldn't make it due to scheduling conflicts, we'll be announcing the location, route and date for the next one. Stay tuned...


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