Re: Malibu Tandem or the solo SOT?

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Posted by Piranha on June 02, 2004 at 01:20:26:

In Reply to: Malibu Tandem or the solo SOT? posted by Joe on :

: Firstable, sorry for the long read guys:
: just ordered a Malibu Extreme but I'm contemplating on switching my order to a pro 2 tandem. I Need some opinion on your perspectives in what's smarter.
: Since my girl friend is whining on coming along "once in a while" I don't know if a tandem would be a bad investment?
: Now I tried paddling both style yaks in a harbor environment just this pass week but has never taken neither one out to the open sea before.
: I will be paddling solo 80% of the time(I'm pretty sure), any opinion on what's a better investment with your experience is what I need.
: The tandem don't seem to have much of a difference, infact it's quite comforatble been in the rear seat solo, other than the obvious speed being a little slower and more hatches is available on the Extreme for easy storage of additional rods.
: I still think the Extreme is what I prefer tho in terms of everything other than I can't fit two people on it. Does anyone have that similiar dilima before?

: If I get the tandem I would need to get the bait tank that come with the pro 2 tandem fishing package, but I will loose the big center hatche that were meant to put additional rods and dry bags in it.
: Another thing I'm concerned about is how friendly the Pro 2 tandem is gonna be on rough water when paddling solo out there by the shore. Just a little scared it might be a bad investment to get a tandem when the odd of me paddling solo will be more than a dual.
: Hope to see you guys out there sometimes, I'm a kayak fishing newbie, very excited!! thanks for the long read, next post will be much shorter.

: J.C.
: Los Angeles,
I have a pro2tandem and a fishndive.The pro2tandem was my first yak. When I go solo I put the seat forward to keep the boat trimmed correctly. You wanna follow the above advice and make a bait tank out of a bucket and position it behind you over the two rear scuppers. Intake hose goes down into one scupper ,the drain hose goes down into the other. You need that big center hatch to store your rods etc. below in case of a hairy surf landing. the bait tank can be made for under $40 with an $18.77 attwood pump from Walmart,a bucket,and some cheap connectors,pieces of old hose etc. I'm gonna make one for my pro2tandem,and I'm not very mechanically capable. I made 2 for Fishn dives. Very easy!Drop me an email and I'll send some pics of the Pro2 rigged for solo!

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