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Posted by jas on July 24, 2002 at 10:30:07:

In Reply to: Malibu Pro Explorer posted by TJO on July 24, 2002 at 10:13:41:

: Jas, I am curious as to how thick the hull of the Pro Explorer is. Is it as thick as a Scupper Pro, or thinner like Cobra Kayaks models? I also have been paddling and fishing from a Scupper Pro TW for a few years. I've been looking for a second slightly wider kayak for those days when the ocean swell gets a little rough for the scupper.

: My fishing buddy let me borrow his Cobra Fish-N-Dive yesterday. It's stability is is amazing. My buddy was able to fish through swell that sent me back to the beach on my Scupper Pro. The Fish-N-Dive also paddles slower/harder. I am wondering if you have paddled a Fish-N-Dive, and how you would compare the Pro Explorer to a Fish-N-Dive. I do realize that there is a five inch width difference between the two kayaks. Is the Pro Explorer easier to paddle than a Fish-N-Dive? Is it stable in above average swell?

Pro Explorer dimension per BobH.
len - 12'6"
width - 31"
draft - 6"
52 lbs

You have to check out how the kayak was molded. Some spots are thinner and some thicker. The plastic around the Scupper holes is very thick. The areas in front of or behind are a little thinner. I've been dragging it on the sand, beaching it when I land, tighten my rack straps,etc; Seems to be holding up so far w/ no noticable warping or excess scratching. It will take more roughing up until I can say it's durability is matched to the Scuppers. So far, so good though. Unless the kayak turns into some sort of "Mission Impossible message-self-destruct phase", I can't imagine the kayak looking worse than my Scuppers after 2 years of hard usage. My Scuppers are still in great shape w/ some hull scratching and no warping.

I know the Pro Explorer is in the category of the Fish N Dive, Navigator, etc; But I haven't paddled a Cobra yet. Though I hear Cobra's are good kayaks, I can't compare the 2 since I haven't paddled a Cobra. But it does take a stroke or 2 to get the kayak going. Once you get the kayak moving, it's relatively easy to paddle. It's no Scupper in relation to paddle ease. But I don't think that it would be any harder to paddle than a Fish N' Dive or a Navigator. It could be easier for all I know. I found that after a few days on the lunker platform, I adapted to it. The Pro Explorer is very very stable as well. I'm not sure what it would take to capsize it, but I tried rocking left and right on what would have tipped my Scupper. Didn't seem to want to tip, not even close. But that's what you could expect w/ these wider/shorter platforms.

I took it out in some afternoon chop and wind waves. I'd only compare to your Scupper because that's what you're use to; the Pro handled the chop well and maintained a dryer ride in it than the Scupper. Again, totally different yaks w/ different pluses. Go test paddle one if you're still not sure. Though I think you'd be happy w/ it, it's always good to kick the tires before purchasing.


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