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Posted by BajaDan on July 22, 2002 at 18:22:10:

In Reply to: Re: Very Nice Fish! posted by Eagle Eye on July 22, 2002 at 05:42:16:

In regard to the traffic Saturday....I went out about three-thirty pm until darkish. About seven I caught my first kayak yellow...about fifteen pounds on fifteen pound test off of the bull kelp. Had a long battle with a stringer of kelp in which I eventually won. Frustrating when you can see the fish thirty feet down and the kelp seems to be, the traffic...Lots of pbers and a few 'yaks in the afternoon...all located pretty much in the same acre of water, it seemed. I stayed between the kelp and the canyon, inshore of the mess until it cleared out a bit. Water was a deep blue and the vis was forever. Had a huge yellow (maybe 40#+) go off on bait right next to me....unfortunately I was bored and trolling two lines( 1 mack and 1 dine) and trying to sabiki up some bait when it slashed the I lost the dine and kept the greenback going and kept a jigstick handy if I saw it again.
Didn't catch anything on the mack but a skiff being driven by an a$$hole going about twenty-five knots. thought I was going to lose a finger for a moment there as my reel threw great loops as it was backlashing...a boat hits your bait at twenty five and the clicker on a 3/0 with 30# won't stop the 'lash. scared up a half dozen candybar spanish off of the bull kelp and shortly thereafter was having fun trying to keep a yellow out of the salad on light line and a long rod....LOVE IT! Also released a nice fat ten pound calico that ate a candybar mack on the way in.
One of the party boats reported a kayak in the counts...if I'd of landed the skiff, I might have reported it. Watch the jerks out there...there seems to be a bit of jealousy at times..I've been waked twice( as in running straight at me and turning at the last minute...drunk twenty-somethings both times...once in SD bay...once in LJ) on purpose and this guy Saturday knew I was trolling, just probably thought he'd miss the line and cut across my stern.
It's not the quantity of fishermen that bother's the quality...or lack of it.

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