Re: Fishfinder battery, and installation ideas

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Posted by js on July 14, 2002 at 20:20:49:

In Reply to: Fishfinder battery, and installation ideas posted by A. J. Ronacher on July 14, 2002 at 19:31:08:

I like putting the battery as close my seat as I can since my Scupper is front heavy. Though my new Malibu Pro Explorer it wasn't necessary to go too far back. You have to be able to reach it through your hatch.

I like finding a piece of Tupperware to fit the battery. I then melt just a tiny piece of the rim down w/ a hot nail (the rim of the container that the lid snaps on to). This allows the cable to come out while you have the lid closed down on it.
I use Marine sealant to mount a couple of pieces of foam inside the hull. In my Scupper, I put a piece 2 pieces of thin foam about 10" long(similar to a thin pool noodle). I mount the foam rails just where I want the battery to sit. The foam hugs that battery once in place. Basically I slide the tupperware case in between these 2 pieces of foam so that is hugs the case sort of snug. My Scupper doesn't need foam for the back of the battery because the Scupper has a spot where the the battery comes to rest against the cup holder mold that hangs down into the hull. If you don't have that, you'll need to glue another piece of foam behind it. I tried 2 part epoxy for the foam, but it's just too watery to work right. The marine silcone works great. Just glob a big line of it along the length of the foam.

I've heard of some other ways that work just fine. This worked for me. The 2 part slow cure epoxy (just make sure it's slower than instant cure of 5 minute cure) works well for the transducer puck.

Keep in mind that where ever you do mount this stuff, that you can still slide your poles in without too much problem. I use speaker wire type adhesive attached hooks or small plastic hooks made by 3M.

Good luck. I purchased my battery from Radio Shack and my recharger from Cabelas.


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