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Posted by Jeff on 21:20:38 01/08/04

In Reply to: Re: hooping posted by pat

: : : : I was wondering what you guys mean when you say hooping? Do you throw rings out of a kayak for crabs and lobsters? sorry if the question is stupid but i am a real newbie. thanks for such a great website. It's sometimes referred to hooping because of the "hoop nets" we use to catch them with. There are usually 2 hoops or rings that the netting is attached to. They sorta resemble those collapsible hanging fruit baskets. We can't use traps but we can use up to 5 hoop nets per person (10 max per boat). You bait the hoop net and lower it down. Every so often, you pull the nets up to see if you got lucky. jasAnd you pull these up while you are in a kayak?


Hooping refers to hoop netting for lobsters and crabs we just call it hooping for short the hoop nets consist of two rings one large one 36" with netting on it that hangs downs and is attatched to a smaller ring 10" you put a piece of fish or some people use cat food cans into the bottom of the net and lower it down to the bottom and wait about 30 minutes the lobsters smell the bait that has been placed into the net and climb into the nets to get to the food then you pull the nets back up and check to see if there are any lobsters in it they are quite light around 2-4 lbs. per net you can buy them at almost all tackle shops for about $16 each they have some that have a built in pocket of netting in the bottom to hold the bait.


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