Malibu Sunday,9-21-03

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Posted by Piranha on 19:50:56 09/22/03

I got a late start with my son Jerry G. at about noon. Jerry launched immediately,I waited awhile studying the sets, then wheeled the yak down the beach to a better spot to launch. He test drove my Fish-n -dive and I used my Pro-2-Tandem.He had a pretty good sand bass bite going but it slowed for awhile when I joined him . Pretty soon I started getting bit very regularly on a smelt pattern 5 inch swimbait. Smallish sand bass!Suddenly Jerry announced a good hookup. After a fight of about 10-15 minutes he hauled in a keeper halibut of about 26 ". After a brief lull Jerry's pole bent over and I heard a triumphant yell. He was hooked up to a big halibut. He fought the fish about 25 minutes finally losing it in some underwater structure. A short wile later my cheapo rod with a cheap real made in China began to sing! I don't know what test the line is,it came with the rod! My yak began to get towed around and my blood pressure redlined. I couldn't get this fish up,every time I'd gain some on him ,my reel would start screeching like a violin as the line zipped out. Jery was hanging near giving me moral support ,gaff handy! We knew it wasn'ta halibut,by the pull,nor a thresher,no leaps! My first guess was a white sea bass or a manta ray. I seesawed the fish for about another half hour,at one point getting in a dangerous position on the surf line . I turned and saw a green hill of vertical water approaching.Putting the rod in a dangerous place near the Giberti family's jewels, I paddled out frantically over the hill into deeper h2o. The fish came along. Excuse my wordiness ,but this was more exciting than a weekend with Lara Croft! Finally after about an hour's battle,we were able to get the fish up next to Jerry in the Fish-n-Dive. We were amazed to see a very large ,"juvenile" black sea bass. We didn't have the camera,so you're gonna have to believe us on this. I estimate the fish at about 36' long,tremendous girth,and probably weighing well over 20 lbs. I expected that reel to explode in this battle,but it didn't miraculously. Jerry reached down grabbed the swimbait ,and quickly sent bass back to Neptune. I failed to mention that we lost some other large critters in the course of the day,but I'm only talking about hookups of more than a few minutes. We also got a dolphin escort which was so much of a close encounter it was scary! Jerry made a smooth landing at about 6 pm, and I surfed in the Pro2 , receiving a dip in the Pacific at the last few seconds. Fish count,quite a few sand bass most released, 3 or 4 sub legal halis,1 keeper,several mackerel,1 black sea bass now looking for his girlfriend, and various small and large unknown ones that got away. A great day on the waters of Malibu!!

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