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Posted by Bernie on 07:49:49 09/21/03

In Reply to: Re: Mailbu Extreme Part one - long posted by Art

: : : I showed up at Malibu this morning. I looked at the yaks. I visually took apart the Xon the show room, in the shop and in the owners head. I asked some tough questions about reliability, past problems and the foam liner. I felt I was being given the straight scoopfrom the begining. It really helps knowing how you plan to rig a yak before seeing it. I'vebeen studying the photos all week and had a lot of questions.I'll be giving 2 or 3 evals of this yak.My first impression was:1. It's twice as thin top to bottom as I expected. It's hard getting away from the Cabo design.2. It's very simple on the top. Even with two hatches installed.3. There's a very peculiar concave ridge on the sides. I call it the "ridge".The setup:I always loook at a yak bait tank first, my ass second and rod holders third.Everything else will fall into place. As I was measuring this and that for the possible bait tank placement. Shawn showed me the premaid internal tanks about 4 gallonsthat fit in the rear hatch. That saves me beggin' my boy to build me in internal vinyl bag. These premade tanks aremade by a vendor that I've dealt with before and they have tremendous quality in their tanks.It feel comforatable having inside a yak. Second, my ass fits in this perfectly. The foot peddles actually give me more comfort and my feet do NOT sit on top of the scuppoer holes.Third rod holders. With the bait tank in place, this yak comes with two CAPPED flush mountrear rod holders STANDARD. I would place 4 more holder against the tank well walls for easeof use and stability.The hatch is a bit of a mystery. It's big and holds a 4inch hatch with bag. I would have toteather it to keep it from floating away. I speak on this in a later report because I'm thinking about redesigning it.The ridge is there for stability. I don't think it needs it. The boat is wide enough. I'llsee how it affects the ride.Rods up to 7 feet will store easily in the hatch, the shallowness of the yak will make 3 the limit.I can't be 100% on this because no FF wires were present.The owner pulled a new boat off the rack and aksed the shop guys to get it ready for RENTAL.not bad. I told him that if I were interested in one it would not be in that color. He said "No Problem" I need to upgrade my rental fleet. The ride:I loaded this thing down heavy because I was only doing the bay ride today. Ocean ride next week.Bait tank my own 6 gallon tank, two wet sand filled dry bags - one on the front hatch, one on the rear hatch, my fat assand my 105# fiance in the tank well. 500#'s plus.TrackingTracked like a dream even with Marlene screaming bloddy murder. The water line was never comprimised,so I know I can throw a Johnny Ceviche load of fish in the open tank well and not sink.StabilityStability is sick, but at a price. I turned around, went up front and no problems. EvenMarlene quited down and enjoyed the ride.SpeedSpeed speed speed. It's fast enough, but even waited down in the wind, I'll have to reserve judgement until a later review when I'm whizzing past you suckers chasing the YT in LJ next week.Turning:Can you say 18 wheeler? The ridge I mentioned makes spinning very difficult. A rudder isavailable, but I've never used one and don't plan on it.Draining.Drains like a champ. Poured water all over only to have it exit quiclky. Will have the wave test next week.Stay tuned for a fishing review. I'm launching LJ next Sunday afternoon for an OTW test.Art That ridge you meantion makes it very easy to tilt the yak on edge to slide on the scupper yak cart. My FnD was very awkward to tilt. I sold my FnD to get the eX and find it at least as stable as the FnD if not more so.I have the rudder and it turns quickly, I also added a motor mount and using the electric the eX spins on a dime...well almost.Sure glad someone finally is installing flush mount rod holder pre sealed at the bottom.Anyone in my area that wants to check mine out I will get you on the water...sharing is half the fun! Brockton Mass, just south of Boston No motor for me, but I'll keep that in mine whenI have shoulder surgery. The rudder is a possibility, but I still have more testing.My company has a data center in Braintree, I've been there a few times. A few key strokes gets me a free ride out there :) just kidding. If I heading out there again I'll let you know.

Art,good review however i disagree on one point.I think the eX turns quite well.Perhaps it was all the weight/distribution.With all that stability it aint much for lean turns but still pretty good IMO.

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