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Posted by Robert 2 on 23:09:20 09/02/03

I hang my Malibu2 and Scrambler XT by using the following for each kayak:

2 hooks ($0.50 ea.) drilled/screwed into the ceiling beams.

2 15' ($13.00 pair) tie-downs from REI

The tie-downs allow me to pull the kayaks up and locked in place.

You could use extra non-climbing caribiners to your fancy. I don't think you can get cheaper than this and works this well.


: i have a WS Critter SIK and i don't have alot of storage space at my house. i'm thinking of a way to hang it from the ceiling using a couple pulleys. Here's my question. if i drill a hole centered in the top of the yak about 16-18" back from each end and use a 1 1/2x 1/4x 8" piece of flat steel in place of a round washer to support a 1/4" heavy eye-bolt; could attach my pulley clips to this and hoist the 'yak by the eye-bolts. the flat steel would be run perpendicular to the long axis so as to give the most support to the area being lifted. I tried to draw a picture up but i don't have a web URL to put it on. sorry i'm making you visualize this... what i'm going for is a self-contained method of storing my yak. if this idea works i can just set it on the floor, clip my pulley ropes to the top of the 'yak, and hoist it up to the ceiling and out of the way. so, you think i will damage the yak or not??

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