Oh Come one Jim....

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Posted by Rikshaw on 00:45:09 08/29/03

In Reply to: Re: Time to put this to rest posted by Jim Sammons La Jolla Kayak Fishing

You Slam my company all the time and everyone in here has seen it, and my reply now is the same as it was the last time this issue came up...

Whenever you want a boat for a serious Demo and review, I'll have one ready for you. Furthermore I will WELCOME your serious input.

You are supposedly in the business of guiding and selling accessories, yet you have a proform dealwith OK. Great. Good for you.

Just quit pretending like you are not baised. You have been bashing our boats and when truely un-biased people stick up for us, you go on the defensive.

I am Biased... I admit it, but I also admit I cannot wait to see how the prowler does. Competition, healthy competition, can ONLY be good for your customers and mine. It gives you more Yaks to sell accessories for and it makes me step up to the plate and make a better boat.

So please, quit being defensive. Quit bashing us without trying things out first hand, let me buy the beers, and lets make some kick A** Yaks and catch some big fish.

Is there really any reason why we cannot all at least be POLITE to each other?

Just for a second imagine if I went on Allens site and plugged my company and services the way you plug your services and events here on Jason's site.

It would NEVER be allowed to happen. Yet Jason allows you, a DIRECT competitor, more or less free access to his board to post as you please.

I defy you to find one single post by me where I slam ANY competitors products or services, even on boards where MK has the home field advantage.

So please, keep us posted on updates of the Prowler and your tournaments, but honor a truce in here, be honest, and lets see if we can't learn from past mistakes and maybe even work together to ensure these boards and the fun of kayak fishing continues.


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