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Posted by Danbo on 10:24:41 08/26/03

In Reply to: Kayak Hauling Queation posted by ARJ

I asked several police officers, and they all had differing opinions of what was legal. Several said it could only stick out 2 feet past the end of the tailgate, but one cop thought it was longer but didn't know the limit. I ended up searching the DMV code and found a description of what was fact (I carry a printed copy with me in case an officer tries to tell me otherwise).

Section 35410 of the DMV code (summarized here) says: The load upon any motor vehicle...shall not extend to the rear beyond the "last point of support" for a greater distance than that equal to two-thirds of the length of the wheel-base of the vehicle carrying the load.

For my truck the wheelbase is 12.75 Feet, so technically I could go out 8 ft past the end. But my yak is way too unstable to haul without having the thing supported out past the tailgate, but then again I have a shortbed truck. A long bed truck with the tailgate down would be better. See my other post for how I haul mine, including a photo on another site.

Section 24604 talks about long loads at night, and The way I read it, if hauling at night, you are supposed to have a light on the end of the yak if its that long. From what I read in the DMV code, the light does not need to be a brake light, just a kind of "running light".

here is a link to the DMV code that seems to be what you want. It is really wordy and most is irrelevant, except the sections I mentioned above.

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