Re: This needs to be handled professionally

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Posted by jas on 10:08:25 08/05/03

In Reply to: Re: This needs to be handled professionally posted by Dr. Gary

:Why don't you just report it to the Coast Guard and let them deal with it. Even though they didn't see it, if they get enough reports from the same boat, he may be called in to give account of what he did. Imagine him trying to explain the kayak consipracy and that he has never done anything wrong.drGarym

Ever see the movie "Better Off Dead" with John Cusak? He tries to avoid paying the newspaper boy a $2 balance for papers delivered. He can't avoid the paperboys, they're everywhere. It turns into a Paper Boy Twilight Zone. Cusak trying to explain the paperboys after him would sound similar to Captain Kamakazee's kayak conspiracy theory. "They're the bays, the harbors, the kelp beds, the reefs.....I can't shake them". lol.

Complaints need to be turned into both the landing and the Coast Guard. I also like Boyd's "on the water" radio call suggestion:
"If the offending vessel is bearing down on you, hail him on channel 16. Example- MV dolphin, MV dolphin, this is the kayak 50 yards in front of you, please state your intentions, over. This would take some discretion, as we wouldnt want to clutter up channel 16 every time a sport boat got close to us, but it would document what is going on out there...the USCG monitors and records all radio traffic on 16. with that said, we should probably be VERY CAREFUL when doing this, meaning only do it when someone is deliberatley harasing us, not when somebody is just tring to back up to the edge of the kelp"


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