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Posted by quietman on 00:23:06 07/23/03

In Reply to: 6 volt systems posted by Ted

>Or is it that your pump's outlet is closer to >the tank, where my pump is trying to push the >water up the hose?


. Plus $5.00 per trip

Actually about $2.00 a trip...

The six volt system lasts 12-15 hours.

Enough for at least 3 trips at 4 hours each, or $2.00 a trip. See my write up, I explain all this, and actually used my set up many times before writing about it.

>I guess if you really want to control the power >draw and flow electronically, the best way to >go is to wire in a potentiometer,

Potentiometers were not considered as they simply drop voltage by running the current through a variable resistor. This is fine for dropping the flow, which is too much for delicate bait on 12 volts, but does nothing to extend the run time.

I use a Pulse Width Modulator, and at a reasonable flow (100 gal/hour) I get nearly 20 hours on a 12v 7aH battery that is also powering my Fish Finder at the same time.


The ultra minimilist is a staight 6 volt to an aerator pump, not a bilge pump dragging. If you don't have a kayak that you can figure a way to use one then I guess you have to try something less minimilist.

I will update my how-to page with my battery set-up and marine deck plug that I use. It rocks, no switches or boxes, everything is sealed on it's own. Remember this is for me 3rd generation, and not really needed. I just love to keep pushing the envelope...

Sorry you are having trouble!

But hey doing the McGyver thing is cool, and when you finally get it to work you can say you did it your own way instead of just doing the no-bariner by using a proven system. It's half the fun sometimes!


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