Re: Am I crazy?

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Posted by Davey jones on 13:31:19 07/01/03

In Reply to: Am I crazy? posted by Dirk Heseman

: I recently moved to Pensacola and am looking into buying a kayak for fishing the bay and surf. I was considering purchasing a 2 man so my wife could join me occasionally. However, having never even sat in a kayak before, I was wondering if I should even worry about the wife? How do the doubles perform with only one person? Or would I just be better off buying two, 1 man kayaks? Thanks!Dirk
RE: I bought an Aegean kayak for my self and sit in the center for a dry ride because it has a built-in riser, but if 2 people were to sit in it then it changes into a wet-rider. I also bought it for the length and it is also very stable.At 70lbs dry it can be a beast in the wind when carrying to the water and back. Because I am 6 2", 185 on a good day it is prone to float high and let the wind blow it around, but because of that I can get through some really rough water.Another thing I like about mine is that it has a drain plug and zero hatches so if the plug is tight it adds 450-550lbs more to my floation specs(aka PFD)so if I have a good leash to my kayak the worry of my PFD no floating me is over.Ideally you should look into getting 3 kayaks, one for each of you and 1 tandem for both of you, hee he.

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