Dana Report Monday, 6/30

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Posted by quietman on 00:24:32 07/01/03

I was lazy and got up late and launched late out of Dana Point Harbor, around 6:30am this morning. I hesitated at the harbor mouth, trying to decide if I should head North or South.

I had heard that South was producing Threshers, and that Yellow Tail had been sighted between San Clemente and San Onofre, but that is too far. I also really wanted to have a good chance of catching another big White Sea Bass, so I headed north.

I put out my trusty and well-bit CD-14 Rapala that has netted me 4 threshers and a wsb in the past two weeks, and a black/silver big-lipped mega bait with a heavy iron jig minus the hook as weight and added attraction in front of it.

Just before rounding the headlands I had to slow down and wait for the Sum Fun to lumber by on its way to Salt Creek, and as soon as I started paddling again the drag started pulling on the CD14 rod. I picked it up and turned the clicker off thinking the lure had sunk into the kelp. Nope, fish on!

It was a Thresher that ran about 50 pounds, and after taking a couple of pictures, I released him to fight again. And yes it was a male, I was beginning to wonder why I keep catching just females, pheromones maybe?

I continued my way around the point and just at the spot I caught a 22 pound WSB a few weeks ago, the Rapala goes off again. It didnít feel like a Thresher to me, and I was very excited thinking it was a nice big fat tasty WSB. A short time later I brought up the leader, and there was the tail of a Mr.T. Bummer. Six Mr.Tís in two weeks is getting kinda old. This guy was a true Pup; I would guess maybe 30 pounds.

But he had a surprise for me. I got out my camera, grabbed the leader and then the tail and wumped him halfway on the kayak to get a good picture and take the Rapala off his tail. And it was another male. Big mistake. I didnít bother to wear him out good, or carefully remove the lure with him still in the water like I normally do; he just seemed soÖharmless. I guess I forgot he was still a 30 pound shark, and any powerful thirty pound fish with a big lure with treble hooks deserves more respect!

He jumped his whole body up and twisted, catching me by surprise and splashing meÖand the camera...with water. Anxious to be clear of the hooks, I pretty much launched him on his way, luckily I had the rod in the holder with the drag set light, I wasnít being completely cavalier. As he hit the water his tail slapped the lure into my paddle-jacket just over the left pocket and stuck there. I had a bad moment where I felt his thrashing weight pulling me sideways, then the jacket ripped apart and he was running hard against the drag of the rod.

Needless to say I was more careful next time in, but my camera was toast. No action and a funny burning smell. I took the batteries out and stowed it.

I continued north trolling as far as the North edge of three arch bay, then returned in deeper water, between 80 and 100 feet. I got one solid knock-down on the Mega Bait in front of the Ritz, but that was it.

As I Rounded the Headland heading back to Dana, I saw two boats out past the barber poles. It was early yet, so I headed straight out and found the sea a bubbling cauldron of life! There were birds sitting, flying, and crashing bait in patches everywhere. There were boils and jumping bait in abundance. I put out a Sabiki about one half mile past the poles in 220 feet and immediately caught a nice candy sized greenback that I pinned on my fly-liner.

I drifted and cast iron for about 20 minutes for nada. Had one exciting minute when two or three nice Yellowtail breezed by heading straight for my Mackerel. No action.
After a bit more I headed straight in and called it a day. Happily my camera has since started working again, after a blow-dry and some fresh batteries.


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