It's an awesome knot however it's pronounced..

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Posted by Rob Mailly on 16:52:28 06/25/03

In Reply to: Bow Line or Bowline, which is it? posted by Ted

Leave it tied for years, come back and it will still be easy to undo. A great strong multi-purpose knot. Good post.: Time to end the confusion.Bowline is pronounced "Bow" (as in bowtie). It has two nautical meanings, none which are directly related to kayaks. Infact the the only correlation I can see in the use of the term for a kayak, has to do with it's use, with a drift chute.Nautical. A rope attached to the weather leech of a square sail to hold the leech forward when sailing close-hauled. A knot forming a loop that does not slip. And I can still tie a one handed bowline.Under the first definition the relation must be between the sail and the drift chute.Under the second definition, there is no relation and it is obvious that a kayak bowline is not a knot. To call it a bowline is an awkward adaptation when the kayak bowline is use as a Bow Line (pronounce as the bow on the front of your boat) for emergency assist, towing or dragging from the Bow and last, a point to attach a sea anchor or bottom anchor.Either way everyone knows it has nothing to do with a knot and nothing to do with sailing, call it what you will I'll know what you are talking about.-Ted

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