Re: Beware of the scam the Davis supporters are using.

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Posted by Yolanda Taylor on 14:38:34 06/24/03

In Reply to: Beware of the scam the Davis supporters are using. posted by Robert

I got scammed too and I don't know what I can do not. This lady stops me outside of a Safeway and ask if I want to sign a petition to support schools and to stop throwing away public money and give it all to the schools.....after I signed she said, "i want davis out too but this in not the right time" I said what do you mean and then I read the petition and there it was Save Davis! I want him recalled. Can I sign a recall one or do I just have to wait for the ballot.

: I was listening to Rick Roberts on KFMB this morning and he had a guy from the East County who had almost been scammed intosigning an anti recall petition thinking he had actually signed a recall petition at the Vons in Santee. A guy approached him and asked him if he wanted to sign a petition to recall Grey Davis. He said sure. After he signed the petition the guy said oh yea and sign this one so that teachers won't loose their jobs. The guy got a little suspicious. He decided to read that one and sure enough it didn't have anything to do with teachers. It was a petition to stop the recall. In essence what the petition collector was going to do was throw away the recall petition and keep the anti recallone. Several people Emailed the show to say that they had been scammed in the same way. Only they didn't take the time to check the other petition out. It just goes to show everyone what a low life dishonest no good lousy crook that damn Grey Davis is. Who knows where else this crime has been perpetrated in the state. This clown will stopat nothing to stay in power. Here is a cut and paste of his website. Robert RICK ROBERTS UNCOVERS ANTI-RECALL SCAM!Beware Davis Supporters in Recall Clothing!Rick Roberts uncovered a scam attempting to nullify your recall petition signature by tricking you into signing a Save Davis petition. Take Rick's warning to make your petition signature count! If someone wants you to sign a petition because teachers will loose their jobs, school budgets will be further cut, pot holes won't be filled, or Head Start programs will collapse from under-funding... make sure to read the ENTIRE petition -- it is likely a Save Davis petition

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