Pitition against PETA...

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Posted by Dean on 09:19:27 06/14/03

Got the O.K. from Jason to post this Link.

There is an online Petition that all of you can go to & sign... it is calling for the revoking or at least the Reviewing of PETA's tax Exempt Status...

I'm sure I do not have to go into how PETA would love to stop all of us from enjoying a day fishing, eating Hamburgers on the Fourth of July or even owning a Dog as a Pet...

PETA trys to force it's Vegan lifestyle down everyone's throat....If you want to be a Vegan, be a Vegan... Just do not try & force it on me...

PETA has involved itself with the ALF & the ELF. Both Groups are recognized by the FBI as Homegrown Terrorists groups. (the ALF & the ELF have resorted to bombing Labs, bombing a Colorado ski resort and trying to destroy lumber operations)
These groups, PETA as the Parent group and ALF ,ELF as the smaller groups care not one bit for their fellow man(Or woman) and will stop at nothing to try and remove Your Right to fish or enjoy the great Outdoors...

Go to this Link & Sign the Petition:

as a plus check out this link to read all about the investigations against and the Shady dealings of PETA with Known Terrorist groups....

Everyone who reads this Message Board regularly Should sign this Petition...Stand up to & Beat PETA.....

"The Flyjunkie"

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