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Posted by Bernie on 06:58:06 06/14/03

In Reply to: MK eXtreme at Big Bear posted by Cataraft Ric

: Sorry for the delay in posting the results from my trip to Big Bear to fish the eXtreme for the first time. It seems the moon has been in that certain phase where it causes anything that CAN go wrong TO go wrong.Oh well... it's nothing a little lack of sleep and a million phone calls won't cure.So I went to the Sunset Beach shop last Friday evening and helped set the boat up to my liking and took it out for a spin in the bay. We then beat feet to the home garage for all of the final touches. i.e. transducer, paddle holders, Compass, cordless margarita maker, and the ever important disco ball.Made it up to Big Bear around 9ish after battling our way through a bazillion bike riders that were seemingly intent on committing ritual suicide under the right side tires of the truck. (Confidentially speaking, those guys and gals made me nervous like you would not believe. It's been 4 days and my butt cheeks are still clenched.)Got registered. Got a camp site. Had a bite to eat... and WENT FISHING. Launched from Boulder Bay after answering all of the questions from the people on the beach, and was ready for my first REAL paddle. By this time the wind had kicked up a bit and there were small wind waves and white caps on the points. We decided to initially paddle and troll into the wind and head towards the dam... and we were off.What can I say? I am still amazed at the speed and stability of the boat. It cut right into the wind and sliced through it in any direction I wanted to paddle, and Fast? Unreal. Even directly into the wind, the low profile allowed me to troll using little effort. One nice thing I noticed, and this MAY have to do with the length, was that on power strokes, the boat did not SURGE ahead and then slow prior to the next stroke. With even a slow cadence in strokes, the boat paddled consistently and straight.I then decided to try the rudder system out. Now I will say here, this will be a matter of PERSONAL taste and everyone thinking of getting an eXtreme should at least try this option. The rudder made turning a breeze. With the wind quartering from my port bow, I was able to simply kick the rudder over a few degrees to the left, and then using slow even strokes, the boat STILL went straight and true. Even more amazing was my ability to kick the rudder over a bit more, and then by using a canoe style stroke ONLY on the right side... the boat still paddled straight and true.But... for me, as I really only recreationally paddle and mostly fish from my boat... I found the rudder to be un-necessary. The boat turns exceptionally well for it's size without the rudder and I must admit that I found I did not use it as much as I thought I might, but then again, maybe it is simply because I am totally not used to a rudder and a few outing would fix that.I think the rudder would be indespensible for long distance paddles and even for diving, but is is by no means a neccessity for fishing, so try it out for yourself and see what you think.Overall Review - The boat is a success. Fast, STABLE, all hatches are easily accessable and well laid out, and after I move my pole holders to a new location that I think may allow me to troll even work better... I can't wait to try this boat out in the ocean.Ric

Im thinking about one myself.How is it as far as water in the cp area.I hate boats that are wet all the time.Can you stand up and fish if you like.Thanks!

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