Killed Great White

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Posted by Lance on 17:20:26 11/08/03

Dear Monterey Bay Aquarium,

There was a news story recently that a group of like-minded water enthusiasts, including myself, were discussing. The story was about a large White Shark that was killed in an Australian company's tuna net off the coast of Mexico.,7034,7737422%255E949,00.html

I'm sure you heard about it. We were just kicking the idea around about how much money a large specimen such as that would fetch on the open market. Since its demise is a forgone conclusion, despite the so called efforts to free it, why not use the money to benefit the species. I don't know, but I'm willing to bet the company responsible for its death is going to try to maximize its profits. Perhaps with some persuasion they could be convinced to do the right thing, with your White Shark program being the obvious choice as the benefactor. This is just a thought. Maybe there is some environmental protocol the company follows, and if I'm wrong, I'm glad. Anyway I just wanted to plant the seed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated even if I'm totally off the track. I love your aquarium and I wish I was in the position to support your programs with more than just an idea.

Lance Abell

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