Kayak Seats   Sit on top kayaks have large molded seat wells.  These seat wells require additional padding and support.  Kayak seats are attached to the kayak by connecting the straps from the seat to both the front and the rear of the kayak's seat well.  The counter tension from the placement of the straps keeps the seat in position.  Some seats like the Surf to Summit GTS shown left have a multi-point strapping system.  This allows for better customization of the fit through various strap adjustments.  Some seats have short backs (usually referred to as half backs.  Some seats have 3/4 (tall or high) backs like the GTS shown above.  Some seats have a few inches of stiff padding to add real lift. Though most seats only have a thin layer of padding between the kayak and the and the paddler.. Quality, features and price will vary amongst some of the
 seat manufacturers.  There can be a huge difference in comfort from one seat to another.  Comfort and support are the key factors in what determine a good kayak seat.  A good adjustable strap system will allow for more control over comfort and support.  The secondary factors might be the options.  Does the seat have any utility pockets, water bottle or fishing rod holders?  What type of application will the seat and kayak be used for.  Touring, fishing, a little bit of both, etc;.