Rod Holders  With so many things to shuffle due to the lack of space on a kayak, the rod holders are an absolute must.  Even if you plan on only using one rod.  Having a safe place to leave your pole while you tend to other responsibilities is crucial.  Rod holders are extremely important to have when trolling or drifting.  Strategically position your mounts in locations that are readily accessible from a sitting position.  A simplistic set up might be to position one rod holder in front of you, either one of the rails or mounted in the center.  To accompany the front one, install 2 positioned just behind the seat, one on each side.  Make sure that prior to mounting  you test the length and width of your paddle stride (stroke) to make sure you don't hit your rod holders when paddling.  Some kayak anglers attach various cuts of PVC to a milk crate which they fasten to the kayak as rod holders.  Others follow the retail route and purchase rod holders from stores.  Some kayak seats come equipped with rod holders built into them (Surf to Summit).  The rod holder shown here is a Scotty Powerlock holder. It fits into a small base that is permanently attached to the kayak.  The ease of removal makes it ideal for transporting your kayak and re-entering through the surf zone.  The flush mount rod holders are mounted inside your kayak with an opening for the rod to stick into.  If you purchase flush mount rod holders, make sure they are sealed (with bottom).  Most of them come with a large hole in the bottom.  This is not good for a kayak since they sit so low in the water.  If you can't find the sealed bottom kind, you can cork or seal the holes up yourself.  A good place to mount these is just behind the seat, placing one on each side.  These are good to use while trolling or just when you need a spot to place a "dead" stick.  Some anglers don't like how close their reels are to the water when using flush mount rod holders.  The spray, swell, etc; can kick up saltwater into the reels.  Those anglers prefer a tube or rocket launcher style of rod holder.  These tubes keep the reels higher up to help prevent water spray.