Retractors  These fancy tie straps have become one of our most valuable assets in securing equipment.  A piece of twine can keep your gear tied down, but retractors allow you to still use the gear while it's fastened securely to the kayak.  Attach one end to the kayak, either to a strap or an existing eyelet.  Clip the other end to the item you need to secure, yet have to be able to use at a moments notice.  Retractors come in various sizes and lengths.  You can only get so much leash out of them.  Make sure when clipping them onto your kayak that you clip them within the retractors range. These are great for securing a VHF handheld radio, game bag or a divers stringer (game clip).  They range in price between $15 and $20. These can be found stores that sell scuba diving equipment.  Scuba divers use retractors to secure items which they need to be able to easily get to and still be able to operate.  Remember to purchase a clip to attach to the item you wish to secure with the retractor.  Notice the retractors in the photo come with a female clip.  For these retractors, a male clip should be purchased separately.  The mail clip will be attached to the item to secure and then clipped into the retractor's female end.  When purchasing your retractor, be sure to get the ones used  for scuba diving.  These have been tested to hold up under extreme conditions.